Amerisleep vs Dreamcloud – Read Before You Buy


The Battle of the Beds, Amerisleep vs DreamCloud

So you are interested in getting the mattress that will last you a good few years? Let’s talk about two mattress companies called DreamCloud and Amerisleep. Both of these companies have pros and cons to them but they are not too similar that it gets confusing, so you have no need to worry there. Ultimately it depends on your price range and what type of mattress you would prefer so let’s get into this.

Round 1: Amerisleep vs DreamCloud Fight!

Amerisleep was founded in 2007 and this might be a shocker to you but they were the first memory foam mattress made inside of the United States. They use all natural completely green materials that are eco-friendly. But quality doesn’t go down because of this factor, relax you won’t be sleeping on branches and rocks.

They pair the mattresses with the highest quality materials engineered to help you start counting sheep even before you fall into the bed. They also have some great ratings, an average of 4.6 out of 5 on Google, the sleep judge, and mattress guides.


Flexible Price Range

Amerisleep vs DreamCloud has multiple features that make it a good mattress brand. For example Amerisleep has a more flexible price range, going from $849 to $3,498 while DreamCloud goes from $1,000 to $1,700. Another good feature is that Amerisleep has a wider range of firmness going from 10” to 14” while Dreamcloud has only two options which is 14” to 15”.

14” is the softest option while 10” is the thickest. Amerisleep in terms of construction comes with an interesting feature which is the cover of the bed called Celliant fabric. It is said that this fabric distributes thermal energy which is believed to help with muscle recovery. This fabric is also found in some athletic clothing. So if you want your muscles to turn to jelly after a good workout or busy day at the office and help them recover the next morning this is a great option!

All the levels of firmness in Amerisleep comes with a bio-pur memory foam which is kinda like breathable clothes, it will keep you cool and warm when needed and the bed itself will ensure that you stay at a comfortable temperature. So you won’t be tossing and turning feeling like your bed is consuming you and throwing you into a furnace.


Round 2: DreamCloud vs Amerisleep Fight!

So a plus side about DreamCloud is that they came out with the 2018 15” mattress. Dreamcloud offers a feeling of luxury and they seem to be driven to creating the closest feeling to sleeping on a cloud. Do you want to feel like some rich guy with a giant mattress at an affordable price? Well then this mattress is for you. DreamClouds at their most expensive option is $1,700 while Amerisleeps is $3,498 but in contrast Amerisleeps least expensive option is $849.

DreamCloud offers a unique structure to the layers of the bed. The bed isn’t like an onion with layers it’s like a cake, a cake you can sleep on! They use a Ture Tufted Cashmere top featuring hand- sewn tufts, talk about quality. Not only that but overall the bed itself gives off a luxurious euro top feel. Eruro top if you didn’t know is a pillow like layer sewn underneath to keep it in place. It’s like your body is jealous of you head getting the nice comfy pillow while it suffers and is constantly uncomfortable, the solution was DreamCloud. Now you are sleeping on a Cloud and it’s like you were given a king sized body pillow which can be customized to your every need.

DreamCloud offers eight, yes you heard right eight layers of memory foam this layering pattern is nicknamed “the first class ticket to the clouds” by the company. At the bottom of the mattress are their trademark coils which you can customize in thickness and placement, the coils themselves are encased in the memory foam so you won’t hear the ear piercing sound of the metal being compressed like on a normal primitive bed spring mattress.

As previously mentioned the bed comes with cashmere which is a luxury wool made from cashmere goats, ironically they are white and look like a cloud. And then underneath the cashmere cover are the memory foam layers. Ultimately this mattress will feel like brand-new everyday unless you treat it badly.

Final Round Fght!

To conclude this battle of the beds both are great brands, they offer different thickness and firmness options, they both have memory foam, both are given a similar rating of 4.6 out of 5 and they both have free shipping. The winner is determined by you, yes you! This isn’t some elite panel of judges who get paid to sleep and rate every mattress on earth although that would be a pretty great job! So if you want to choose between one or the other why not try both! Not at the same time silly but both offer a trail time,

Amerisleep does a 100 day night trial and DreamCloud offers a 365 night trail. So when you are ready to try something new return the mattress and you decide which one you prefer. The power of customization and preference are in your hands when it comes to Amerisleep or DreamCloud. So good luck, sweet dreams, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.


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