Why Beeswax Scented Candles Are The Best

The first thing I must say before I move on with the topic is, these candles do cost a lot more than the others but, their health benefits are simply astonishing. Since I do know a little something about the miraculous healing power of honey, it is only safe to say that beeswax scented candles could indeed improve your health and make you feel better.Beeswax Scented Candles

If the price is not your number one concern when you are looking to buy some scented candles, then I will elaborate for you why these candles are so much better than soy or paraffin ones. There is one problem with beeswax candles, they are quite rare and you will not be able to find them in your usual stores. Even though it takes a bit of effort to find them, they worth your time and money absolutely.

Health benefits of beeswax candles

Beeswax Scented CandlesSince these candles are entirely made of beeswax that was produced by the bees in a natural way, they are completely free of any harmful chemicals. People should pay attention to the ingredients when buying candles because the producers could still use paraffin for the most and put just about 5% of the real beeswax. If you want to get the real stuff, look for the 100% ones.

Since there are no artificial elements or chemicals in them, beeswax candles are environmentally safe and friendly and also, completely nontoxic. These candles are not based on oil too which means they will burn really clean and produce far less smoke than paraffin ones. On top of all that, these candles are biodegradable too and need no chemical treatment.

Beeswax candles are also carbon neutral and smell absolutely wonderful. They have been naturally scented by floral nectar and honey, which gives then a very pleasant smell. This smell actually has some healing powers for people who suffer from asthma or allergy problems. Now, I did mention how these candles cost a bit more than the normal ones but, here is why.

Since they are made of beeswax, they can last a lot longer because of the melting point which is really high. Beeswax candles can last 2-5 times longer than paraffin candles and they do not drip as much as the paraffin ones.

Scented candles made of beeswax tend to burn strong and bright, providing the light spectrum of the sun, which gives you the impression of the natural ambiance. If you buy a beeswax candle that is very old, it can last even longer. I was surprised by this but, this is a proven fact. These candles are really something else.

Now the most important thing is that these candles can emit negative ions which can purify your indoor air and improve its quality. It is almost like a natural ionizer. These candles are hypo-allergenic, so anyone who has troubles with allergies should get one of these candles and deal with the problem in the proper manner.