Casper vs Dreamcloud – Read Before You Buy

Casper Vs Dreamcloud The Battle For Best Nights Sleep
If you are in the market for some restful sleep and have heard of Casper or Dreamcloud you have come to the right place! This is going to be a side by side comparison of Casper vs Dreamcloud. What are the differences in Dreamcloud vs Casper and is it important?
The first thing we want to consider is the construction. The Casper and the Dreamcloud are both made of memory foam type material. They are designed to be firmer than most of your classical mattress. When we are talking about construction we must look at how it is built. The Dreamcloud has eight layers, where as the Casper has four layers. The Dreamcloud offers you coils which the Casper is completely foam. The design of the layers on the Dreamcloud are narrow but is considered thicker than the Casper.
The topping material for the Dreamcloud is Cashmere and has hand-woven tufts that give it a more elegant and classical bed mattress fill. The Casper has a light weight breathable and stretchy material as its covering the great point on this however is that it is removable to wash where the Dreamclouds can’t be removed. They are both springy but yet both have the ability to stop motion transfer, so both would be a good pick for a couple.
There are those who sleep cool and those who sleep hot. When looking at both of these beds you would say that its temperature neutral, in other words it would not be your best buy if you are a hot sleeper but if you are not then both would be a good choice for you. The foam mattress does comfort you but it can retain a persons body heat.
As far as what position you prefer to sleep in if you are a side sleeper the Casper would be a good pick. If you lie on your back or stomach then the Dreamcloud would be best. It all comes down to thickness of the mattress. Casper offers more of a pressure point comfort in its firmness that is why it is great for side sleepers, it contours around your heaviest parts of your body. Dreamcloud is actually thicker than Casper.
The pricing on the two are comparable. You will not be breaking the bank on either one but if you are on a budget when looking for a mattress the Casper would be your best bet. The Dreamcloud is just a bit more expensive because it is designed as a luxury hybrid memory foam mattress.
As far as warranty, how many nights you get to try it out, free shipping, and returns both have these in place at their companies. The makers of the Dreamcloud go just a little further. They offer a White Glove treatment. They will deliver the mattress and set it all up for you. The trial which is not standard that Dreamcloud gives is 365 nights. The Casper has the 100 night trial period. The other plus on Dreamcloud’s side is that during the 1-10 year warranty that is standard for all mattresses. They have their Everlong Warranty, which means if any manufacturing defect shows up they will take the mattress back and replace it. If something happens after 10 years Dreamcloud will repair or replace the mattress if any defects occur in workmanship.
In closing the idea is to get the perfect mattress for you and this means looking at how much do you want to spend, how do you sleep, and the durability over time for the product that you want. It is always important to compare and really think about what you are looking for in a mattress, it may seem like a mundane task but it is important to your health to have a restful nights sleep. The Casper is better for a budget and great for side sleepers, the Dreamcloud might be a bit more luxurious and expensive but it is great for heavier individuals and people who have back problems. The question isn’t why you are looking for a new mattress it is why not get a new mattress?