Dreamattress Complaints – Read Before You Buy

Complaints About DreamMattress

If you have found your way here you have been researching about a mattress and worried about reviews and what is the truth. The truth is that with all products we are going to have some people thet may end up with a lemon out of thousands that ended up with a great product. This is a very upsetting thing, being the person who has the lemon. The key to making the lemon into lemonade is to call the company.
There have been instances where people have stated that after a year the mattress itself starts to sag and does not conform to their body type anymore, even with rotation of the mattress. There are many more that state that the Dream mattress was a gift from above for their backs and having a greats night sleep. The Dream mattress Complaints can be found by searching the internet and most do say that the mattress just does not seem to last as expected. The reviews where the customer has contacted customer service always states that they did have a good interaction with them.
The product itself are made out of memory foam, support foam, most have a layer of cooling gel, and a top cover of various woven materials. The fact that the memory foam or the support foam could molded itself into a certain shape is feasible. The true test can only be done by how you sleep in other words do you move around a lot when sleeping or do you sleep in one spot all the way through. The other Dreamattress Complaints are that when you are sleeping you do get hot and in some cases unbearably hot. The ones that are made with the special cooling gel might be a good pick for a person that knows they get hot while sleeping. The best case scenario for that if you have the cool gel type and still feeling hot then perhaps using a small fan to circulate the air.
The most important thing to a person besides getting a good meal is getting a good night’s sleep. The world of Dream mattress is also about how firm do you want your mattress, this is where it does get a little bit darker in terms of what you can know about the mattress. The company does not show exactly the density of the foam layers. This is another complaint about the Dreamattress.
The overall ratings are an 8.3 out of 10 as an overall score. The pricing is not as expensive as other brands and it has a 8.3 our of 10. There have been close to a majority that has stated that it has helped them with back pain. There is also with the packaging of any material an odor to worry about. This brand ranks 8.3 out of a 10 for not having an unpleasant odor. The most major concern about the Dreamattress is going to be the durability over its lifetime.
The best solution to this is to make sure you have the original receipt of purchase and are the original owner. Then you can contact the company if you have any complaints about the mattress. The 180 night sleep trial is a plus if you are wanting to really try out a mattress. The company will replace or take back the mattress and give you a refund for it.
In closing it is all up to you to understand your needs for a mattress. There have been quite a few complaints about the Dreamattress but there are also many good reviews about this product. The best point to remember is that when looking at new hybrid mattress’s that they are made out of memory foam and foam supports which can retain heat and also it is made to conform to your body shape and weight. If those two items are taken into account then there should not be a problem deciding on which mattress would best suit you and always remember that with most companies you will have so many nights to try it out and if you do not like it then contact them and get a replacement and/or a refund of your money. Checking the warranty is always helpful and if the company does not have one for you to read right away before you buy you would want to contact them before you do so you are more informed consumer.