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A Review of Dreamcloud vs Loom & Leaf Mattresses

When it comes to mattresses, you need be cautious of what you choose. Sleeping is one of the fundamental activities in human. We sleep to relax and relieve our bodies after long-day activities. In the current world, technology has taken over the markets. Online has become part of life, and most of you prefer making their purchases online. When considering mattresses, there are many online mattress companies. However, the leading companies are DreamCloud and Loom & Leaf (Dreamcloud vs Loom and Leaf). In one edge, there is a hybrid foam as well as with a coil mattress that has eight different layers while in the other has all foam mattress with super quality foams and organic cotton. They have some similarities and differences as well. The similarities are that they are relatively firm, incorporate memory foam, and they offer free shipping.

Let’s now have a review of each brand. DreamCloud has the various advantages such as 365-days of free sleep trial, it has a hybrid construction with eight layers, its edge support is excellent, and its warranty is transparent and is more than ten years. The disadvantage of DreamCloud is that the mattress is not meant for heavy people and has only one mattress option.

Loom & Leaf Has Various Advantages

On the other hand, Loom & Leaf has various advantages such as adaptive foam layers with organic cotton, traditional memory foam sensation, excellent edge support and it’s perfect for side sleepers. Its disadvantages are that it’s not intensive; responsive and there is no option for heavy people.

The critical differences between DreamCloud and Loom & Leaf (Dreamcloud vs Loom and Leaf) are:

  • Loom $ Leaf is all foam while DreamCloud involves coil as well DreamCloud is more of a luxury option
  • Loom & Leaf is less expensive than DreamCloud
  • Loom & Leaf is made of environmentally friendly materials
  • The sleeping trial of DreamCloyud is 365 nights while that of Loom & Leaf is 120 nights
  • DreamCloud (15 inches) is thicker than Loom & Leaf (12 inches).
  • DreanCloud and Lom & Leaf are considerably firm
  • However, DreamCloud is more firm than Loom & Leaf. It also have a different feel due to its pillow top. The both brands return to shape quickly.

On the differences in motion transfer, the two brands isolate motion very well. However, Loom & Leaf is more of an edge. This is mainly because of its high memory foam-like consistency.


Different Pressure Points

When it comes to delivery, you all know that some of the mattress companies leave your mattress as a package (box) on your front door. This strategy can only be useful if you have got someone that can help you to set up. However, it’s a very inconvenience if you have no one to help you out. Loom and Leaf vs Dreamcloud make use of white glove delivery service. This is advantageous in that someone brings your mattress at a particular window of time. This person not only delivers the product to you but also stays up and helps you to set up everything. They will haul away your bed as well making the transition seamless.

By taking a look at manufacturing and customer service, you need to be aware that both companies are relatively new in the market. However, they are highly passionate towards their work. They are committed to retaining their businesses and manufacturing in the United States. The other great thing is that you don’t wait for weeks for your mattress delivery (ship from overseas). You can also be able to track your package in the course of delivery. You also attain maximum satisfaction from the supporting companies that also contribute to the local economy.


DreamCloud and Loom & Leaf have (Loom and Leaf vs Dreamcloud) their customer service agents based in the United States as well. The challenge that you are likely to face is the language barrier. This is mainly due to language and cultural differences. However, the two companies have a great and excellent reputation when it comes to customer service. They are helpful and respond quickly. As new companies, their business in incredibly growing based on their superb customer service.

Dreamcoud Is Suitable For You

DreamCoud is suitable for you if you sleep on your stomach and back. This is for the mere fact that DreamCloud is a bit more firm compared to Loom & Leaf. This makes it more suitable for the back and back sleepers. DreamCloud is also an excellent option for you in case you are after extra luxury. This is because it has a cashmere hard and tough pillow top and it’s also super thick. This brand will provide you with a real and genuine luxury feel. This mattress is also for you if you like spring mattresses. For those of you who have has excellent times with traditional spring mattresses, DreamCloud will serve you better than an all-foam mattress.

On the other hand, you should pick Loom & Leaf if you are a side sleeper. This is for the fact that Loom & Leaf is has a bit more firm end of the spectrum but it also has a memory foam feel. It also conforms pretty well to contours. It is also believed to be softer than DreamCloud. This is also an excellent option for you if you like the sinking effect on your mattress. When you sleep on a Loom & Leaf mattress, you will sink into it quickly and like the combination of gel and memory foams.

This brand is also excellent for you just in case you are on a tight budget. This is because it’s less expensive compared to DreamCloud mattress. This way, you have a chance to save a little amount of your cash.


Taking review in to consideration, you realize that both have some common appealing features and qualities. However, you all have varying tastes and preference. Each of the two brands will be ultimately attractive to different people. All you need is to consider your preferences and the ultimate purpose of your mattress for the best decision. I hope that this review will help you in making the best decision. Always take your time. Thank you!


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