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Dreamcloud Vs Purple: A Mattress Review

Everybody wants to get a good nights sleep, and one of the best ways to achieve that goal is to make sure you are sleeping on the right mattress. Their are so many different types and brands of mattresses out there, making the search even more difficult for people looking to purchase a new one. You have to be sure to look at style, firmness, and materials used to make the mattress but also stay within your proposed budget. I am here today to compare two of the most popular and highly rated mattresses for you and hopefully help in your search for a new mattress! The two mattresses I will be comparing is Dreamcloud vs Purple mattress.


The Dreamcloud mattress is known for being high quality and a high-end choice of mattresses. The mattress itself is made of a mixture of memory foam and latex, making it very flexible and a great soft consistency without being too soft. The top of the mattress is laced with a cashmere blend that really makes for a soft, comfortable feel as well as a nice upscale look. The mattress also includes micro-coils which are basically really small, evenly spaced coils in order to provide the most support without feeling overly springy and uneven. Another unique feature to the Dreamcloud mattress is that it has a high density super foam that will not cave too much when weight is applied but gives just enough to create a soft feel and comfortable position.

When reviewing a mattress one important thing to remember to look into is of course price and customer service. The Dreamcloud mattress has a very nice 365 day trial period that allows customers to actually sleep on the mattress for a whole year before deciding if they want to keep it. I thought this was an incredibly generous trial period and really does allow for the customer to see whether or not they would actually want to keep this mattress long term. The price of this mattress could seem a little steep for some people but honestly for this type of quality mattress I do feel it is priced reasonably.

You can get a full mattress for about $1,000, a queen for $1,200 and a king for $1,300. Again, the price may seem high, but considering the quality of materials used in the making of the mattress this really is a fair price.


Purple Mattress

The purple mattress is most definitely a contender when reviewing top mattresses and mattress brands. This mattress uses a lightweight elastic polymer with a gel column to create a soft touch yet firm enough to support your body weight and create a nice foundation to lay on. The purple mattress is also known for the quality high-end woven polymer made of spandex, polyester and viscose to form a nice comfortable fit for any body weight and type. The purple mattress also boasts a versatile fit because, they offer a variety of selections in regards to firmness, and pillow top thickness as well.

In terms of price and availability, Purple is a relatively new company making them a little more risky to invest in when buying an expensive, long-term mattress. The price point for this mattress is probably a little less expensive than the Dreamcloud mattress, a twin mattress starts at $699 – $2,499, the queen is about $999 – $2,799 and King is $1,299 – $3,499. Customer service with this company seems to be lacking a little bit based mostly on the fact that they are a fairly new company and therefore, they don’t seem to have the staff to support all of the inquiries and concerns they could be receiving.


Comparing Purple Vs Dreamcloud Mattress The Winning Contender

So overall, when comparing purple vs dreamcloud mattress the winning contender according to overall quality, price and customer reviews will go to Dreamcloud. The Dreamcloud mattress is a high quality mattress with reasonable prices and great customer service. Their customer reviews are outstanding and the company is well deserved of a good recommendation. If your looking for a quality mattress that not only helps you sleep at night but also won’t break your bank, the Dreamcloud is the perfect mattress selection for you!

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