Dreamcloud vs Winkbed – Read Before You Buy


Dreamcloud and Winkbed- The choice of comfort

Support and Comfort

A busy day and tired body, when you come back home working the whole day, all you need is good sleep for your tired mind and comfort for your tired body. So, let’s know about two of the best and comfortable mattresses that can provide quality and healthy sleeping. The Dreamcloud and the Winkbed.

Dreamcloud vs Winkbed
(Quality and Support)

1. Dreamcloud

– The Dreamcloud is a luxury hybrid mattress, which is a hand tufted mattress with multiple layers including springs and coils, soft quilted memory foam, natural latex, gel memory foams, and tufted cashmere top that provides the perfect comfort, bounce, isolation, and support.
– Dreamcloud is not only luxurious and of high-quality but also firm and bouncy.
– The hybrid mattress is handcrafted with a cashmere blend topper, which is firm giving you a great support.
– The Dreamcloud is 15 inches thick, with 8 layers of coils and foams incorporated.
– Provides perfect support for every sleeping position, especially if you sleep on your back or stomach. Contours your body for super comfort.

2. Winkbed

– Winkbed is a hybrid mattress, which is processed in high technology with layers of a coil on coil and foam mattress including tempered steel coils, micro air springs, gel foam, and supporting pad. These offer the dual comfort of a firm and soft support to you.
– The Winkbed comes in three forms, the soft, firm and the firmer. The soft mattress gives you the perfect support and contours your body for super comfort. The firm and firmer mattress are best if you change your position more often while sleeping, it gives great support and avoids back pain, best if you sleep on your sides.
– The Winkbed is 14.5 inches to 15.5 inches thick with 6 layers of the coil, springs, and foams incorporated. The luxury firm mattress is great if you are on the heavier side.
– The high-density foam rails, provide great edge-support. You will feel little compression while you sit on the edges.

Dreamcloud vs Winkbed.
(Comfort Comparision)

1. Dreamcloud

– The Dreamcloud is one of the luxurious, comfortable and tufted designs, which provides better support.
– Comfortable for every position you want to sleep, the foams offer enough pressure release to change your sleeping position and change sides comfortably.
– Memory foam above the layers of the coil provides enough room for two people, that buffers any change of movements.
– The Dreamcloud provides very good edge support.
– The Dreamclouds are absorbent as well as durable mattresses.
– Comes with pillow-topper.

2. Winkbed

– The Winkbed comes with luxury Euro style pillow topper, which provides you with great comfort and support.
– These are more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen, which offers you more comfort and best durability of the mattress.
– Air-spring maximizes the air flow.
– The Winkbed is comfortable as both foam and spring mattress.

Winkbed vs Dreamcloud
(Brief Comparison)

1. Winkbed

– Made up of two layers of coils.
– Three layers of foam and supporting pad.
– Have a different level of firmness.
– The cover is made with natural cooling and moisture wicking materials.
– The top layer is 2″ pillow top feeling foam.
– The thickness may vary from 14.5 inches to 15.5 inches
– The thickness provides extra support for heavier people.
– Best if you sleep on your sides.
– Cost effective.
– Best if your weight is on the heavier side.
– Offers “plus” version.
– Supportive and responsive.
– The Winkbed is very comfortable.

2. Dreamcloud

– Complex construction with multiple foam layers.
– Single advanced spring layer.
– Is one of the luxury options.
– Made with the true tufted cashmere top.
– Natural latex provides the bounce.
– Two levels of coils positioned in comfort zones to promote great support.
– The base is made up of soft memory foam.
– The Dreamcloud is 15 inches thick.
– Has a pillow-top.
– Is firmer and bouncier.
– Best if you sleep on your back or stomach.
– If you love sleeping on a bouncier mattress.
– Supportive and responsive.

Which one to choose

Overall, both the mattresses are super comfortable and supportive with unique features. Thus, the differences between the Dreamcloud and Winkbed, and which one to choose may vary for different customers and their requirements.

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