Saatva vs Dreamcloud – Read Before You Buy


Saatva vs Dreamcloud

Here is our unbiased review of the Dreamcloud mattress and the Saatva mattress. These are both exceptional mattresses, and you will not go wrong no matter which one you choose. They will both give you an impressive night’s sleep and help you if you are someone who has problems twisting and turning every night. You won’t have to worry about anything while you are on these mattresses because they are built to last with premium materials. We’ll put the Saatva vs Dreamcloud mattresses and we’ll see which one comes out on top.

Maybe you’ll learn something about these mattresses. You will know which one of these work for you or maybe you will learn that they are both not the right choice.

The Dreamcloud Mattress

This is a mattress that is very high density and it will give you a luxurious sleeping experience. You will feel like you are sleeping on a very expensive mattress. It is a hybrid design which means you get the best of both worlds. The mattress is 15 inches tall and this is generally taller than others. It is made from a layers, and they are basically form and wrapped coil. You won’t go wrong with this one because it will give you a lot of comfort no matter what you’re sleeping start is.

The cover is made from a very good material called Cashmere, and this is blended together with polyester to give you a wonderful and soft feel. You will also feel the memory foam which will give you a lot of relief if you are someone who has problems sleeping on a firm mattress.

Once you get below the cover then you will have three layers of foam. They are very soft, and they respond very quickly to pressure. This means that you won’t feel stuck when you’re on the bed and you will have a really good night’s sleep. Not only are these foam layers comfortable, but they also offer great heat dissipating capacity which means you will feel a lot cooler.

The layer below this which is also the bottom layer is the coils. These are individually wrapped corals which gives you the perfect sleep and experience and make sure that there is steady airflow through the entire bed which keeps it even cooler. There is a lot in this bed and the foundation layer which is made from poly foam will support everything and make sure the bed is comfortable as a whole.


Different Pressure Points

The Saatva Mattress

This mattress is made from a cover that is 100% organic cotton which means it is very soft and breathable. This ensures that you will stay cool in almost any condition. The mattress has three different firmness levels, and each offers benefits and drawbacks depending on what your needs are. They sell directly to the consumer so you won’t have any problems getting the mattress that fits your needs.

Once you have gotten below the cover layer that was made with cotton quilting, then it is time for you to feel the foam layer. This foam layer is filled with a lot of foam to make sure that you feel comfortable. It offers pressure relief and the design means that you won’t have to worry about staying hot because air can flow through the bed.

Under the foam layer you have individually wrapped coils. These will give you a lot of support and because of the ability to isolate motion you won’t be disturbing the person next to you. You are able to adjust your position without any problems. You also won’t feel stuck while you are moving around.

Saatva vs Dreamcloud – Read Before You Buy

Once you have gone under this layer then it’s time for you to experience the support layer. The support layer is made of steel coils and they help give the bed support, while making a lot of space in the mattress so you can flow through. This is the main part that gives you the cool feeling that you love. This also gives the mattress a responsive feeling and also a little bounce.

Under this, you will have the base and the edge support. This is made from high density poly foam and at this is what acts as a foundation for the mattress. The high density foam also wraps around the coil layer so you get a very good edge support system. This ensures that the bed stays firm and to your specifications.

The bed has three firmness levels and you will have to choose the one that fits your sleeping habits. Because you feel firmness differently to other people it is recommended that this is something the test are for yourself.

Dreamcloud vs Saatva

Now that we’ve given a little background on both mattresses, it is time to see which one is the right solution for you. We can quickly compare and contrast to find the answer. While you’re here will go over how these mattresses differ and how they are the same. This will help you figure out which one is right for you.

Let’s go over the similarities. They are both mattresses that incorporate memory foam, and they both have a firm options available. They are also mattresses that incorporate springs while being about 15 inches thick. In terms of options the Saatva mattress has a more firmness options so if you are looking for flexibility then this might be the right solution for you.

Now let’s go over how they are different. The prices are very different as the Saatva goes from $599-$1399, while the DreamCloud mattress goes from $1000 to about $1700. If you are looking for a thinner mattress then the Saatva is the right solution because it offers multiple options that are thinner than the 15 inches from the DreamCloud. The Saatva uses coil on coil technology and this means that coils are layered on top of coils. The Saatva offers a trial and so you can try before you buy.


Both of these mattresses are great options and will help you have a great night’s sleep. You won’t go wrong with either one. If you are looking for one that offers a lot of options then the Saatva will be the right solution. If you are looking for a variety of thicknesses then the Saatva also wins. If you are looking for the ultra-premium and the one that helps you sleep better then you should go with the DreamCloud.


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