The Top Ten Professional Improvement Reasons to Attend National Conference

The professional Improvement Committee is excited to have you attending the 1998 NAE4-HA National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky in early November! The conference committee has worked hard to have an educational, fun week that will motivate you and give you solid information and ideas for use back home. If you haven’t registered for the conference … Read more

“Pace Yourself”

“Because one cannot see does not mean one has no vision. Because one cannot walk does not mean he cannot go the distance.” -Stevie Wonder PACE YOURSELF is the theme for this quarterly edition. What can I say about pacing yourself – especially to 4-H Youth Development professionals??? According to Webster’s dictionary, pace means rate; … Read more

Getting a Life…Our Members Do!

Have you ever caught yourself saying “when I retire I’ll…”? Last fall, I sent a brief survey to all of our Life Members (401) and heard back from 97. Many included tidbits of the directions their life has taken since they retired: – Gloria Schwarzlose (TX) enjoys keeping up with friends and hearing about NAE4-HA. … Read more

Preparing For The Race

by Tammera Dean Beckham While watching portions of the recent televised Winter Olympics, my mind wandered to this…my next News & Views article. “Preparing for the Race” for such athletes is an everyday occurrence. Should it not be the same for those of us who have the lives of people in our hands? We must … Read more


President’s Message — Tammera Dean Beckham Summary of President’s message about commitment and the importance of commitment in NAE4-HA. Growing As Professionals Commitment begins with you — A personal reflection…. Lifebalance — (or how to work for a living and still be free to live) — Carney McRae, Extension Educator, University of Maine, Cooperative Extension … Read more

Writing curriculum for 4-H: A national challenge

Dr. Wendy V. Hamilton 4-H Youth Development Specialist New Mexico State University Over the past few years 4-H has been moving more and more toward encouraging motivated groups to write curriculum for nationwide appeal. The evolution has been a longtime in coming. in the seventies we saw counties printing curriculum on colored paper with duplicating machines. … Read more

Life balance – (or how to work for a living and still be free to live)

Dr. Mary S Williams University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service NAE4-HA Professional Improvement Committee  “It doesn’t matter how much I do, they never appreciate me,” the martyr in us whines when work and home lives threaten to collide. Volunteers complain that you didn’t attend all of the state fair events, 4-H members want to attend … Read more


“Commitment… is what transforms a promise into a reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than words. It is making the time when there is none. It is coming through time after time after time, year after year after year. COMMITMENT is the ‘stuff’ character … Read more


by JOANN BENZ, Extension Assistant Youth and Family Logan Extension Unit and JUDITH M. TAYLOR, Extension Educator Youth Development Springfield, University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service Have you ever had youth work in a group, but not as a team? If so, then you know there is more to teamwork than just working in groups! … Read more


Growing As Professionals Why do we do it? by Shirley Miller, Past President TAE4-HW Invitation by John Crites, Editor, News & Views and Shel Silverstein Sharing Ideas A2 + 4-H = Success by Jawanda B. Mast, 4-H Youth Development Agent, Phoenix, AZ Member Services Advocacy – is it really worth talking about? by Susan R. … Read more