Diversity Committee

I. Major Accomplishments
  A. Strengthen, expand and diversify membership to be inclusive.

        1. An objective for the year 2000 was to enhance means for better  communication for the
Diversity Leadership Team and committee members. Contact was made through the National 4-H Council and a Diversity Leadership Team list serve was developed and has been set up.
Communications is just beginning.  A second list serve is about to be developed for all diversity
committee members. This list serve also will include State Presidents.

        2. A Diversity Brochure is in the process of being developed. This brochure will be a tool to
let all members know more about the Diversity committee and what it offers.  Plans are for the
brochure to be placed in NAE4-HA 2000 conference registration packets.

        3. Ribbon companies have been contacted to receive copies of their catalog books to
compare prices and the quality of ribbons, so as to select the Diversity committee rainbow
ribbons for their members for the 2000 conference.

        4.Diversity Table top activity packets are being developed for the 2000 and 2001 NAE4-HAconferences. Table top activities will be available for each person at the table and will help to give ideas on activities to do with diverse groups once  participants get home.  The activities will help to develop better working relationships amongst themselves, co-workers and groups they may work with.

        5. A Diversity photo contest will be announced to Spring to regions. The winning photo will
be used for the cover of the Diversity brochure and will be   used for other marketing pieces.
Rules will be posted on the   NAE4-HA website.

        6. Photo from contest will be included in Diversity Poster Session during the 2000 Conference.

        7.Membership of the Diversity Committee has grown from 55 to 78  members. Membership
consist of those persons in attendance at  the last three NAE4-HA conferences. (count is not

B. Provide a system of staff development that meets the present and emerging needs of youth
development profession.

        1. Three articles were submitted by the Diversity Committee to News and Views for the first

        2. NAE4-HA Diversity Executive Team Manual has been updated and will be forwarded to
appropriated persons.

        3. The Diversity Award Judging Criteria Judging Sheet changes were approved and      
published within the NAE4-HA Member Recognition Award Description and Application