Highlight Report

Highlight Report 99

NAE4-HA Vision statement

We are an organization internationally recognized, inclusive network focusing on the needs of the 4-H youth development profession by…promoting positive ethics, behavior, and professional integrity serving as a catalyst for collaborations, coalition development and teamwork using cutting edge youth development research to impact emerging youth issues promoting use of up-to-date methods of transferring technological information achieving the level of financial resources to accomplish our mission

Mission statement

The National Association of Extension 4-H Agents promotes, strengthens, enhances and advocates the 4-H youth development profession.

Strategic goals

  • Strengthen, expand and diversify membership to be inclusive
  • Provide a system of staff development that meets the present and emerging needs of the 4-H youth development program
  • Empower a process that aligns, projects and communicates the image of the 4-H youth development profession consistent with the NAE4-HA vision
  • Refine and strengthen an ongoing structurefor financial management and donordevelopment


  • “Building Relationships with Stakeholders,”a session on advocacy, presented at the JCEP regional meetings.
  • Opportunities provided for staterepresentation to participate in PILD.
  • Board continued to look to futuring, specifically looking at governance; movingfrom success to significance. Established an ad hoc committee.


  • All elected positions for the board have hadat least one candidate and three of the positions have multiple candidates. Filledpositions of standing committee.
  • Received approval from CSREES to use 4-Hname and emblem for three years.
  • Attended NASULGC meeting, representing association.
  • Attended other association meetings ESP,NEAFCS, NACAA representing NAE4-HA.
  • Presented workshop at National 4-HCongress on why teens should choose 4-Has a career.iRepresented NAE4-HA at JCEP meetings.
  • Represented NAE4-HA at ECOP meeting.
  • Represented NAE4-HA on Leadership Council (CSREES, 4-H Council and selected4-H leaders).
  • Handled money efficiently.
  • Developed a national donor profile list.
  • Worked with JCEP on Galaxy II informationand potential state bids.
  • Participated in grant selection for Bureau ofIndian Affairs grants in connection withUSDA.
  • Participated in National Boys & Girls Clubannual conference.
  • John Crites elected to National 4-H CouncilBoard of Trustees.
  • Continued research about paying for someservices

Conference Management

  • Clarified process for 4-H name/emblem forexhibitors at future conferences.
  • New Professional Forum offered at 1999conference.=Raised over $72,000 for conference.
  • “Youth Development Showcase” atconference.
  • Web site running for PA, CO, and ND.
  • System in place to manage requests forexhibitors using the clover name andemblem.
  • Conference planner and datamanagement systems cross-reference tofacilitate conference registration.
  • Surveyed past conference co-chairsregarding conference planning servicesutilized and services needed.

Policy & Resolution

  • Treasurer authorized to sign insurancecontracts.
  • Handbook distributed as needed (disks).
  • Reviewed new A/A statement.
  • Reviewed 501(c)3 and foundationproposals for association.
  • Updated NAE4-HA Handbook.=Historian and past president roles clarified

Professional Development

  • Worked with News & Views to do a sectionon “Growing As Professionals” in eachissue.
  • Formed a partnership with IFYE to havetwo 4-H staff from Botswana to attend the Pittsburgh conference.
  • PRK brochure distributed to State 4-HLeaders and Extension Directors.
  • Presented seminar and poster sessions.
  • Updated Seminar Presenters Handbook.
  • Worked with host states to changeseminar selection process.
  • Linked seminars selected for conference