Madison Langley (Bill) Bell, Jr.

Madison Langley (Bill) Bell, Jr.Founder & First President, Escambia County 4-H Foundation

Hometown: Pensacola, EscambiaCounty, Florida
Nominated by: Florida 4-H YearInducted: 2003

4-H Stats: Second generation ardent supporter of Escambia County 4-H.Founder, first president, and often board member, Escambia County 4-HFoundation. Florida Partner in 4-H Award, Florida CooperativeExtension Service. Friends of 4-H Award, Florida Association ofExtension 4-H Agents. Florida 4-H Hall of Fame Inductee.

Dr. M. Langley (Bill) Bell, Jr. is a native and life-long resident ofPensacola, in Escambia County, Florida. In 1942, in his second year atThe Citadel, Bill joined the military, along with his entire class. He flewin bombers over Europe. In 1943 Dr. Bell’s father, M. Langley Bell, Sr.,donated 400 acres to Escambia County 4-H Clubs to be used to provideopportunities for Escambia County’s youth through 4-H. Dr. Bellreturned to Pensacola as an oral surgeon after the war and immediatelyfollowed in his father’s footsteps as a devoted 4-H supporter. Mostrecently he was instrumental in a land sale which will help fundEscambia County’s 4-H programming for many years to come.

“The tremendous support and success of 4-H and the Extension Service must rely on Volunteers and Staff, whoorganize the great advance of children to their educational rewards.”