Member Recognition Committee

Member Recognition Committee has finalized the 2000 Member Recognition and Award Description and Application.  Books have been mailed to the 1999 membership.  The awards information is also up on the Web at:

States should submit state winning entries to the appropriate Regional Contact by May 1.  Any entries postmarked after May 1 will not be accepted.

        What should state contacts do?

Member Recognition: State Role Contact

Most important role in the member recognition structure.

1.      Develop your communication links with:

  • Member Recognition Regional Contacts
  • Regional Directors
  • State and National NAE4-HA members
  • State Committee
  • How will you communicate with these individuals?  E-mail, ground mail, phone?
  • Represent your state at national member recognition committee meetings held at the NAE4-H annual conference.

2.      Become familiar with the various awards and guidelines.

  • Current NAE4-HA Member Recognition Award Description and Application publication.
  • Set-up time line following state, regional, and national deadlines.

3.      Plan state member recognition program.

  • Build a committee structure to assist in encouraging submissions. (Input may be sought from co-workers, supervisors, specialists, etc.)
  • Recruit judges for state submissions.
  • Obtain eligibility lists for DSA, Achievement in Service, and 25 Year Service Awards.
  • Solicit nominations for the Air Force Recruiting Salute and Diversity Awards.
  • Contact State President/Treasurer to determine budget for state awards program.
  • Are State Certificates Available?  Do the certificates need to be printed?
  • Obtain state association letterhead for correspondence.
  • Recruit a chair-elect for following year.

4.      Post Award media promotion

  • News Releases on State, Regional, and/or National Award Winners
  • Mail a copy to awardee’s supervisor.
  • Pass on information that will make the Chair-elect’s job easier next year.

5.      Keep records and ideas for improvements 6.      Plan your next leadership role in your state and/or national association.