North Central Region – Earl McAlexander (IA) and Tamie Koop (WI)

Major Accomplishments:

-Strengthen, expand and diversify membership to be inclusive
1. Regional leadership directories were printed and distributed to states at the JCEP meeting. Exploring how to load up on web.
2. Communications sent electronically to state presidents and president elects. At JCEP meeting — it was decided to continue the email format rather than hard copy of a newsletter. Easier for presidents to share with membership in home state.
3. Discussed format for Regional breakfast in Denver. Decided to explore the auction and silent auction format for fun and to raise financial support.
4. Membership received from all 12 states in region.
5. List of potential candidates for NAE4-HA leadership positions was generated with Dave Seilstad and Donna MacNeir.

-Provide a system of staff development that meets the present and emerging needs of the youth development profession
1. Twenty-six 4-H professional attended the North Central JCEP meeting in Cedar Rapids IA.
2. PILD information and financial support was discussed.
3. Representatives discussed issues concern membership and staff development as it related to current and future positions in the region.

-Empower a process that aligns, projects and communicates the image of the 4-H Youth Development profession consistent with the NAE4-HA vision
1. Region discussed bidding process within the region in regards to future NAE4-HA conferences, that would be hosted in the region.
2. Discussion on the governance model, shared by Vern.

-Refine and strengthen an ongoing structure for financial and donor development

2. Items for discussion
a. Presidents expressed concern about the committee friendliness and the ability for of new members to feel competent in attending meetings.
Discussed need for agendas to be determined ahead of time for mind and thought preparations. Concerns from the state committee contacts not receiving information from committees, so why needed. State contact wondering if they are really part of the committee?
b. Need within the region to share state reports differently than current practice. Need to share ahead of time and so concerns can be pooled and listed and then addressed by total group.
c. State would like to see all association information, such as handbooks, at the website.