Seeds For Hispanic Families by Barry Bridges, North Carolina


  • For resources to be forwarded to Hispanic youth and families.
  • For school enrichment and afterschool resources.
  • Cases of seeds to be distributed instead of thrown away.


  • To move seed from local feed mills in Yadkin County to Catholic Hispanic Center of Yadkin.

Target Audience 

  • Hispanic Youth and Adults


  • Each year, Yadkin 4-H program receives seeds from local feed mills. The seeds are a leftover from the previous year. While the germination is slightly reduced, the seeds are still good to use.
  • The seeds are used in 4-H school enrichment programs and afterschool programs.
  • Sister Andrea of the Catholic Hispanic Center of Yadkin distributes several cases of seeds and literature to needy hispanic families.


  • Youth and adults are able to assist their limited income by producing their own vegetables.
  • Educational programs are sustained due to seed donation.

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service employment and program opportunites are offered to all people regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.