“Cultural Unity” by Leanne Burrow, Indiana

“Cultural Unity”

Need  Plan and deliver a program entitled “Cultural Unity”
  An awareness of the United States changing demographics. By the year 200, our population will no longer mirror a single majority group.
  Understand that as a nation we are “young”. We are experiencing growing pains as we bring all of our cultural groups together.

Methods  Youth explored the population make-up of the United States and how it has changed due to immigration.
  Youth looked at the history of transportation and its affects on our society.
  Youth explored the areas of culture, diversity and norms.
  Youth examined four cultural groups and learned about their history and heritage.
  To explore the American culture.

Objective  To provide an educational program for the classroom designed to heighten cultural diversity knowledge and understanding, along with developing life skills.

Impact  134 youth and 6 adults participated in the classroom program.
  Youth learned the United States is a union of a variety of norms, values and traditions of different groups of immigrants.
  Youth learned that the American culture is built upon the language, attitudes and skills of ALL ethnic groups.
  Youth learned about items that were developed by specific ethnic groups and items that have been established by an American culture.

Target Audience  Elementary students, grades 4-6.

Cost  Development costs were covered by Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service personnel. Material resources were provided by the Clark County 4-H Association, Indiana.

Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service is an equal opportunity/equal access institution.