Western Region – Larry Tibbs (AZ) and Lee Sherry (UT)

Major Accomplishments

Strengthen, expand and diversity membership to be inclusive.
1. Regional Leadership Directory were printed and distributed to Western States at the JCEP meeting.
2. Program Assistants membership in NAE4-HA was discussed. In the West most staff assistants have the opportunity to be members and the west felt very strongly that if anyone had a 4-H assignment, that they should be allowed to join our professional organization. Alaska has had two program assistants serving as president and president elect of their state association for the last two years. The question was are we encouraging them to participate by presenting workshops at national meetings? How are we including them?

Provide a system of staff development that meets the present and emerging needs of the youth development profession.
1. Discussed Child Care issues at Denver. Members said that it was not a major issue since most members children would be in school. Presidents Lunch was discussed. Members suggested that the second meeting actually be listed as a training for officers and do a more how to session rather than introduce officers and have a repeat of who does what on the national board.
2. PILD was discussed. Many who had attended in 1999 felt that the information given was strictly directed toward the time that they were on the hill. It was a good trip, but not a lot of “information” to take home that was valuable. Suggested that PILD really think about what issues the goals are for the conference and to address issues that could be used at home as well as in Washington. The few that had been to more that one PILD said some years programs are better than other years. Members felt it should be more consistent from year to year.
3. State dues were discussed and vary from $5 to $ 25 dollars for the West. Most states said that they are able to provide scholarships to national meetings because of profits they had made while hosting a national meeting. For the states that have not hosted, there is a struggle to help members finance national meetings. This was major concern for about half the states in the West.
4. When workshops are submitted for national meetings and are rejected, could the evaluators send the some kind of form to the summiteers telling them how to improve their workshop idea for another year. Discussion was why would one presenter get four or five workshops accepted and another would not?

Empower a process that aligns, projects the communicates the image of the 4-H Youth Development professions consistent with NAE4-HA vision.
1. Don Floyd presented “I’m from the National 4-H Council and I’m here to Help” His presentation made the attendee’s think about materials from their state and rather or not they had the 4-H Clover on them or not. Also discussed improving the relationship between 4-H council state and county programs. Much discussion, but no formal conclusion.
2. Because Denver is hosting there is a potential of 300 attendees from the West, several states have already made van or bus arrangements so that they can bring more members to the conference. Presidents are still very concerned about the cost of national conferences. Would the board please consider hosting at less expensive sights? (Cheaper hotel rooms?) How do we empower if our membership can not afford to get to meetings?

Other items for discussion
1. Presidents expressed concern about committee work.
A. Many of the states will not be hosting a state meeting this year and wonder when committee work will be done.
B. Many had not attended a national committee meeting. Those that had attended had a mixed reception.
C. Many are wondering what their role with the national committee. Some state committee members are never contacted and thus they do nothing. Why should they serve?
2. Discussed submitting state reports electronically next year, so that presidents will have a chance to review reports prior to the meeting and that there is more time to discuss issues.
3. Recommended 3 sights to host West JCEP meeting next year. Las Vegas, Spokane or Denver.

1. State JCEP reports should be submitted electronically
2. No matter what date is chosen for dues it will always cause a conflict for someone.
3. Program assistants who have joined NAE4-HA should feel welcomed and valued.
4. State Committee chairs should given be responsibilities that make them feel valued. Electronic invitations should be sent prior to the early bird registration to invite state committee chairs to attended national committee meeting (should include agenda, time and place–not just an assumed invitation to attend.)
5. Evaluations should be sent to presenters who were not chosen to do an NAE4-HA workshop