Integrating Youth into Community Development

Integrating Youth into Community Development: Implications for Policy Planning and Program Evaluation As non-profits, volunteer groups, and nongovernmental organizations take on increasingly larger roles in contributing to local well-being, the active collaboration between youth and adults is vital to the long-term success of community development efforts.   Similarly, as service activities become standardized components of … Read more

IMPACT STORIES Public Relations & Information Committee

Abstracts from Successful Extension Youth Programs 4-H Impact Stories are an opportunity for you to showcase success in 4-H. Stories are used to market 4-H to legislators, policy makers and media. Submitted stories should include: program title/topic, objectives, target audience, a list of collaborators, if any, a description of the program and the results. It … Read more

Public Relations & Information

The Public Relations & Information (PR&I) Committee is one of seven NAE4-HA Committees.   The key focus of this committee is marketing and public relations.  Working closely with National 4-H Council, the committee works to inform the public about the roles of 4-H professionals and the accomplishments of the 4-H youth development programs at the county, … Read more

NAE4-HA Programs Committee Report

Description of the NAE4-HA Programs Committee Programs Committee is responsible for advocating, supporting, sharing, partnering, and communicating, using up-to-date methodologies, to enable the membership in the performance of their jobs as professionals in 4-H Youth Development. Work of the Programs Committee is achieved through Task forces which are designed to meet the immediate and/or long-range … Read more

Policy & Resolutions

THE POLICY AND RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE:• serves as the study and research committee to the Board of Trustees on all major policy   decisions and thrusts of NAE4-HA• solicits, received, and reviews resolutions from membership and develops and presents   resolutions to the Board of Trustees for further action• coordinates all necessary changes to the NAE4-HA Handbook Committee Goals:1.  To … Read more

Why a 4-H Web Site

With everything that needs doing, why would anyone think to spend time and money to create a 4-H home page on the worldwide web?  Because it’s fun, informative, and, it’s where the kids are! It’s also a way to reach volunteers, parents and donors. At least that’s the purpose behind the 4-H web page I’m … Read more

Candidate Information and Comments

For 23 years Vernon Waldren has worked for the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, serving in Douglas County (Omaha) for 20 years.  Responsibilities include co-unit leader for Douglas County as well as co-supervising the 4-H program which    reaches 20,000 youth  annually. NAE4-HA experiences include: vice president, treasurer, program committee chair, association foundation chair, world wide … Read more

What is Leadership, Anyway?

Management and leadership are both vital functions in any enterprise. There is general agreement, however, that most organizations are over-managed and under led. The metaphor for leadership is a journey-from the root lead meaning “go, travel, guide.” Leadership takes the organization into unexplored territory and guides it to new destinations. Management comes from the root … Read more

Honoring the Past & Building the Future

I want to thank each of you for this opportunity to serve our association and I want to thank you for the kindness you showed me, for your support and for sharing the joy of your work with me. Two years ago I stood at the business meeting in Grand Rapids and shared my thoughts … Read more

P.A.C.E. Yourself! – Dr. Mary S. Williams

Balancing all aspects of your busy life may seem like an impossible task, and just one more thing to put on your to-do list. Extension agents, staff, and faculty are busy professionals with full work schedules. We are also friends, parents, spouses, siblings, sons and daughters. We are community volunteers, neighborhood association officers, church leaders, … Read more