Policy & Resolutions

• serves as the study and research committee to the Board of Trustees on all major policy
   decisions and thrusts of NAE4-HA
• solicits, received, and reviews resolutions from membership and develops and presents
   resolutions to the Board of Trustees for further action
• coordinates all necessary changes to the NAE4-HA Handbook

Committee Goals:
1.  To have consistent references of policies
2.  To insure that policies and structures are diversified and inclusive
3.  To serve as the study group and research committee
4.  To be responsible for the Handbook

Committee Recommendations and Outcomes:

1.  Membership –  Consider further defining “active member” as follows: “Currently employed by  the Extension system as a professional (degreed or non-degreed), with assigned responsibility        for 4-H youth development; or with professional interest in promoting and supporting the same.”  Also to change ES-USDA to CSREES in the definition of Extension system. Referred to Membership Committee for discussion.

1.  Change the Journal of Extension Liaison appointment from three to two years. 
     Justification: The News & Views Committee Chair serves as the liaison for the Journal of 
     Extension and they serve a term of two years.  Approved by the P & R Committee.

2.  Now that the Association Handbook is available on the web, copies of the association
     handbook will be available by disks only as requested and needed.  
     Justification: Anyone who needs the handbook on disk will still be provided with a disk
     Those who have access to the Internet may obtain a copy of the handbook via the Internet.
     This will save dollars and time for the organization.  Approved by the P & R Committee

• Are there ways that we can encourage more involvement from state P & R committee chairs and
   committee members?
• How can the P & R Committee assist with and promote members services?
• Is there a need for a P&R; Committee brochure explaining how the committee works/operates,
   how decisions are made, and other pertinent information?