“Pace Yourself”

“Because one cannot see does not mean one has no vision. Because one cannot walk does not mean he cannot go the distance.” -Stevie Wonder

PACE YOURSELF is the theme for this quarterly edition. What can I say about pacing yourself – especially to 4-H Youth Development professionals???

According to Webster’s dictionary, pace means rate; speed; a step; length of a step in walking – about 2 ½ feet; way of stepping; a particular pace of some horses in which the feet on the same side are lifted and put down together; walk over with regular steps; measured by.

The rate or speed at which we travel – irregardless of our mode of transportation – tends to be very FAST!!! I don’t think 4-H Youth Development professionals have anything but FAST PACE in their vocabulary!!!

This entire year while serving as your NAE4-HA President, the pace has indeed been extremely fast – from the time of installation at the Galaxy Conference to the upcoming Kentucky Conference. 

Throughout this year, the pace has also been exciting yet at times frustrating – realizing that we, as NAE4-HA members, can and do devote numerous hours to our professional association and yet, it never seems like there is enough time to get all the things accomplished that you want and need to do.

Yes, we all have the same 24 hours in a day – it’s simply a matter of how we choose to spend them. Some days, I do a whole lot better on my “To Do” list than others and that’s okay (Yes, I have to keep telling myself that until I believe it.). I do work hard at prioritizing my “To Do” list and doing those things that matter first and foremost.

According to my wonderful and supportive husband, Guy, pacing yourself means taking a deep look at how you are currently living both personally and professionally. Thank goodness, when my own gears are in overdrive, he reminds me that balance is necessary.

He openly gives me suggestions for improving my pace in life. Yes, sometimes it makes me furious to have someone (especially the one nearest and dearest to me) tell me to “SLOW DOWN” or “RE-CONFIGURE YOUR SCHEDULE.” And, even though the suggestions hurt, they are meant with love and concern. I’ll also admit that at those times of “FAST PACE” I truly need someone to give me permission to slow down. Thanks, Guy B.

A BIG THANKS to all who have stood by me during this awesome year. One that has been a life changing experience. I know soon I will be turning over the reins to a wonderfully capable friend and colleague, Donna MacNeir. I ask that you continue to give her the same love and support that you’ve extended to me.

See ya in Kentucky – let’s take time to smell the roses together!!!

by Tammera Dean Beckham