Public Relations & Information

The Public Relations & Information (PR&I) Committee is one of seven NAE4-HA Committees.   The key focus of this committee is marketing and public relations.  Working closely with National 4-H Council, the committee works to inform the public about the roles of 4-H professionals and the accomplishments of the 4-H youth development programs at the county, state and national levels.  This committee is currently divided up into four Task Forces:  Member Services, Marketing & Public Relations, Commemorative 4-H Postage Stamp, and Distinguished 4-H Alumni Database.  Below is an overview of the goals and accomplishments for each Task Force.

Member Services

  • Conduct orientation sessions for first time participants at the 2000 National Conference in Colorado.
  • Assist state presidents by providing them helpful information to share with first time National Conference participants.
  • Distribute educational brochures relating to NAE4-HA for current and potential association members.

Marketing & Public Relations

  • Coordinate a 4-H marketing/promotion booth in the commercial exhibit area at National Conference for staff to share new or innovative ideas.
  • Collect 4-H Impact Statements that will be forwarded to USDA and National 4-H Council for sharing with national legislators and the media.
  • Discuss with National Board the possibility of securing funds to develop a nationwide 4-H recruitment/promotional ad campaign.
  • Keep members informed of committee work and encourage more members to become actively involved in NAE4-HA committees.
  • Continue to monitor the progress on the 100th Anniversary 4-H Commemorative Postage Stamp for 2002.

Commemorative 4-H Postage Stamp Distinguished 4-H Alumni Database

  • Continue to update database with names of former 4-H members who hold notable titles or positions including actors, singers, legislators, University Presidents, etc.
  • Place database on National 4-H Council and NAE4-HA Web Pages.
  • Pursue the concept of a National 4-H Hall of Fame.