NAE4-HA Programs Committee Report

Description of the NAE4-HA Programs Committee

Programs Committee is responsible for advocating, supporting, sharing, partnering, and communicating, using up-to-date methodologies, to enable the membership in the performance of their jobs as professionals in 4-H Youth Development. Work of the Programs Committee is achieved through Task forces which are designed to meet the immediate and/or long-range personal and professional development of the membership. Task forces may be added or deleted at the annual meeting by a vote of the Programs Committee membership. The current Task forces are Camping and Environmental Education, character Education, Global and Multicultural Education, Resource Development, volunteerism, Workforce Preparation, and Youth in governance.

Plan of Work 

The committee will be distributing four newsletters during the year. We ask that you share the Programs Committee Newsletter with you membership. It is a direct communication between your membership and the association. Each state is encouraged to have one or more members serve on this committee. Jim Nichnadowicz – NJ is editor of the newsletter.

Our Goals and Objectives for the 99-00 Year

Camping and Environmental Education –  Will Warren, MD chair
Goal: To advance the knowledge of camping and environmental education subjects to NAE4-HA members and communicates the value of this to administrators in every state.
1. Conduct pre-conference camping and environmental education seminar.
2. Submit proposals for 2000 conference.
3. Provide leadership in Quality Cyber Camping concepts.
4. Set up regional contact system for facilitating information flow.
5. Develop a list of state contacts for all camps or persons responsible for camping.
6. Promote National Camping Institute.
7. Process and communicate results of camping survey 
8. Develop a system for sorting numbers of participants involved in various types of camps.
9. Develop a web site for environmental education

Character Education – T. C. Buchanan, NJ Chair
Goal: Promote Character Development and share resource.
1. Share what we have and find out what else is available and who is doing what in extension including: curriculum, programs, good ideas, evaluation tools, impacts.
2. Create a 4-H Resource: Resources, evaluation tools and tips, tools and jewels.
3. Promote Character Education with NAE4-HA.
4. Create a list serve to share information within the task force.
5. Have Michael Josephson Keynote at North Dakota in 2001.

Global and Multicultural Education – Frank Ginther, WI Chair
Goal: to increase the awareness and understanding of Global and Multicultural Education issues throughout NAE4-HA membership.
1. NAE4-HA members will be involved in global and multicultural education programming.
a. Promote International Luncheon at First timer orientation
b. Continue to involve International Staff in NAE4-HA Annual Meeting
2. NAE4-HA members will gain understanding of Global and Multicultural Education efforts.
a. Update the World Atlas of 4-H by solidifying the web version.
b. Evaluate and pilot the “And My World” updated curriculum.
c. Support and promote the National 4-H Technology Team Interstate Exchange Web site.
d. Promote international conference opportunities to NAE4-HA membership.

Resource Development – Jean Woloshuk – WV Chair
Goal: To enhance professional competencies through knowledge/training in Resource Development. The working definition of Resource Development includes human and financial resources.
1. Identify and disseminate Resource Development information to the membership to enhance their knowledge/skills/resources in collaboration with NAE4-HA Board.
a. Update EIFL Membership Directory.
b. Acquire State 4-H Foundation Directory.
c. Follow up survey to EIFD graduates regarding the value of training both professionally and personally.
d. Explore possibilities for pre-conference training in Colorado, North Dakota and future conferences collaborating with Professional Development Committee.

Volunteerism – Brenda Young – OH Chair
Goal: Expand awareness of volunteer development information available and potential resources.
1. Give 4-H professionals lessons for basics in risk management.
2. Develop prevention liability plans.
3. Inform 4-H professionals of available “Fact Sheets” type training pieces on volunteer development.
4. Make information on volunteer development more readily available to professionals.
5. Address concerns of volunteer management as a component of volunteer development.

Workforce Preparation – Walter Barker – KS Chair
Goal: To Build awareness of workforce preparation within existing programs:
1. Show importance of workforce preparation as it related to youth development.
2. Focus on the national initiative.
3. Expand workforce preparation to a wider audience.

Youth in Governance – Debbie Nistler – WA Chair
Goal: To promote Youth in Governance
1. Establish regional contacts and partner with youth.
2. Continue the dialogue about furthering national efforts about Youth in Governance.
3. Expand membership to include youth.

The success of the NAE4-HA committees depends on the involvement of the membership participating in the work of the committee at the National Meeting. We strongly encourage each state to have at least one member become involved in our committee work. Our committee would like to have a representative on each of our Task Forces. Come join us in Denver. Many hands working together can accomplish a great deal that will benefit personally and professionally.